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Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events are designed to recognize FFA members for their development of skills related to the events.  These events align with content that is taught in agricultural education classes.  Teams and individuals representing the chapter should be chosen through local contests following related classroom instruction.  

Kentucky FFA Career Development and Leadership Development Events are governed by the rules on this page as adopted by the Kentucky Association of Agricultural Educators (KAAE.)  While the National FFA Career Development Event guidelines may provide helpful resources, they should be used as a reference only. 

General rules for all Kentucky FFA contests and events are listed in Rules Governing FFA Events.  Rules for specifc events are psoted below along with score sheets and other materials that may be helpful in preparing for these events.  Click here to view an overview of Career Development and Leadership Development Events.

Questions about FFA contests and events should be directed to the Kentucky FFA Executive Secretary.  

AIC (American Institute of Cooperatives)

AIC Guidelines 

AIC Resources

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Communications Guidelines

Agricultural Communications Old National Contest Materials

Agricultural Communications Resources

Agricultural Communications Score Sheets

Agricultural Issues Forum

Agricultural Issues Guidelines

Agricultural Issues Resources

Agricultural Issues Score Sheets

Agricultural Issues Portfolio Example

National Finalist Videos

Agricultural Mechanics

Agricultural Mechanics Guidelines

Agricultural Mechanics Sample Exam

Agricultural Mechanics Sample Exam 2

Agricultural Mechanics Harvest Loss Reference

Agricultural Mechanics Skid Loader Reference and Questions

Agricultural Mechanics Sprayer 

Agricultural Mechanics Volume Reference

Agricultural Sales

Agricultural Sales Guidelines

Agricultural Sales Resources

Agricultural Sales Score Sheets

Agricultural Sales Example Exam


Agronomy Guidelines

Agronomy- Agronomic Disorders 2018

Agronomy- Crop and Weed ID 2018

Agronomy- Crop Grading Resource 

Agronomy- Crop Grading Card

Agronomy- Exam Blueprint

Agronomy- Fertilizer Problem and Key

Agronomy- Soil Analysis


Auctioneering Guidelines

Auctioneering Possible Items

Conduct of Chapter Meetings

Conduct of Chapter Meetings Guidelines

Conduct of Chapter Meetings Score Sheet

Creed Speaking

Creed Speaking Guidelines

Creed Speaking Score Sheet

Creed Speaking National Finalist Videos

Dairy Evaluation

Dairy Evaluation Guidelines

Dairy Score Sheet     

Dairy Handler Guidelines

Junior Dairy Evaluation

Dairy Exam Resources

Dairy Exam 2017 and Key

Dairy Evaluation Factsheet

Dairy Reasons Resource

Employment Skills

Employment Skills Guidelines

Employment Skills- Cover Letter and Resume Score Sheet

Employment Skills- Initial Phone Contact Score Sheet

Employment Skills- Personal Interview Score Sheet


Envirothon Guidelines

Essay Contest

Essay Contest Guidelines

Essay Contest Score Sheet

Essay Contest Topic- 2020-2021

Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking Guidelines

Extemporaneous Speaking Rubric

Extemporaneous Speaking Topics 2020

National Finalist Videos

Farm and Agribusiness Management

Farm and Agribusiness Management Guidelines

Farm and Agribusiness Management Modules

Farm and Agribusiness Management Resources

Farm and Agribusiness Management Sample Exam


Floriculture Guidelines

Floriculture Score Card- Front and Back

Floriculture Exam 2017

Floriculture Plant ID List

Floriculture Practicum Scorecard

Floriculture Problem Solving

Food Science

Food Science Guidelines

Food Science Resources

Food Science Score Sheets


Forestry Guidelines

Forestry Tool Identificaiton List

Forestry Tree Disorders List

Forestry Tree Identification List

Forestry Wood Products Tree List

Horse Evaluation

Horse Evaluation Guidelines

Horse Evaluation Score Card

Horse Evaluation Reference


Horsemanship Guidelines

Horsemanship Waiver and Release

Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu Speaking Guidelines

Impromptu Speaking Rubric

Impromptu Speaking Topics

Aquaculture Topics (Not a state contest)

Wildlife Topics (Not a state contest)

Land Judging

Land Judging Guidelines

Land Judging Score Card

Livestock Evaluation

Livestock Evaluation Guidelines

Livestock Score Sheet & Back

Junior Livestock Evaluation

Livestock Show Guidelines

Livestock Evaluation Sample Exam

Livestock Judging Resouces & Sample Classes

Livestock Judging Sample Performance Class with Rationale

Beef Evaluation Video 

Goat Evaluation Video

Oral Reasons Video

Sheep Evaluation Video

Swine Evaluation Video 

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Guidelines

Marketing Plan Rubrics

Marketing Plan Sample 

Marketing Plan National Finalist Videos

Meats Evaluation

Meats Evaluation Guidelines

Meats Score Sheet & Back

Meats ID List

Milk Quality and Products

Milk Quality and Products Guidelines

Milk Quality and Products Resources

Milk Quality and Products Score Sheets


Nursery Guidelines

Nursery Score Sheet Front & Back

Nursery Examination Sample

Nursery Identification List

Nursery Practicum Sample Drawing & Questions

Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure Guidelines

Parliamentary Procedure Score Card

Parliamentary Procedure Scoring Guidelines

Ability Summary Sheet

Sample Event Card

Ability Demonstration Video

Debate Scoring Video

Judges Training Video



Poultry Guidelines

Poultry Parts Identification

Poultry Resources

Poultry Score Sheet

Prepared Public Speaking

Prepared Public Speaking Guidelines

Prepared Public Speaking Certification Form

Prepared Public Speaking Rubric

National Finalist Videos

Quiz Resources

Quiz Resources

Record Keeping

Record Keeping Guidelines

Record Keeping Sample Exam

Record Keeping Sample Exam Key

Record Keeping Sample Exam 2

Record Keeping Sample Exam Key 2

Seed Identification

Seed Identification Guidelines

Seed Identificicaiton Score Card Front & Back

Seed Identificaiton Seed List

Seed Tag Placement Resource

Small Power Equipment

Small Power Equipment Guidelines

Small Power Equipment Tool and Parts ID


Talent Guidelines

Talent Score Sheet

Tractor Driving

Tractor Driving Rules

Tractor Driving Course

Veterinary Science 

Veterinary Science Guidelines

Veterinary Science Score Sheet

Veterinary Science Conversions Chart

Veterinary Science Identification Lists

Veterinary Science Resources

Veterinary Science Rubrics


Welding Guidelines

Welding Graphic

Welding Score Card 

Wildlife Management 

Wildlife Management Guidelines

Wildlife Management Resources

Wildlife Management ID

Wildlife Management Aquatic ID