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Kentucky FFA Chapter Rating Process

Kentucky FFA chapters are eligible to be rated on an annual basis. Ratings are based on points from the Chapter Rating Form and levels are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

There are three steps in the Chapter Rating Process

  1. Submit a POA Report to the regional contest.  Click here to view instructions for completeing the POA Report in AET.  
  2. Meet the Standard Chapter Requirements
  3. Submit the Chapter Rating Form along with the POAE Report to the State Paperwork Rating.   Chapter Rating Instructions

            Chapter Rating Form


Kentucky FFA Chapter Contest and National Chapter Contest

Chapters that recieve a Gold Rating through the Chapter Rating Process are eligible to compete in the Kentucky Chapter Contest.  Ten percent (10%) of the total chapters in the state will be selected to represent Kentucky in the National Chapter Contest.  The top three chapters in each of the following areas will be identified and recongized: Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strenthening Agriculture.  

Kentucky FFA Chapter Contest

National Chapter Application Information

National Chapter Application Rubric

National Chapter Application Example (annotated)

National Chapter Application Example 2 (annotated)