State Degree Information

State FFA Degree applications are to be completed and hand delivered to the regional degree evaluation.  Most regions hold the degree evaluation in conjunction with regional paperwork day.  Direct questions about regional degree evaluation to the regional KAAE Chair.

State Degree applications must be completed online through AET.  To access the application a student should follow these steps:

  • Enter records in the AET record book.  These records will automatically populate the State Degree application.
  • Go to and login using information provided by the Advisor
  • Click on the “Reports” tab
  • Click on “Degree and Application Manager”
  • Go to “Add New” and select “Kentucky State Degree”
  • Once the application is complete and all items on the checklist show as met, the student can print the application
  • Prior to submission the signature page must be signed by the student, parents, advisor, and school administrator.

Applications of any potential star candidates with a sticky note.  This should include the area the student wishes to be considered for.

At the state level, Star Candidates must also attach the Kentucky FFA Star Battery form.

State Degree Requirements and Information

State Star Battery






  • Requirements for the State FFA Degree
    • Hold the Chapter Degree
    • Have been an active FFA member for at least two years
    • Have completed at least two years of instruction in agricultural education and be regularly enrolled in an agricultural education class OR if out of school have completed at least three years of instruction in agricultural education or all of the agricultural education offered in the school last attended.
    • Demonstrate leadership ability by:
      • Performing ten parliamentary procedure abilities
      • Give a six minute speech on a topic related to agriculture or the FFA
      • Serving as an officer or committee member of a standing committee
    • Earned and productively invested at least $1500 through SAE or have worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time
    • Have a satisfactory record of community activities
    • Have a satisfactory record of scholarship as certified by the agricultural instructor and administrator
    • Have participated in a minimum of three regional and two state and/or national activities
    • Have participated in at least 25 hours of community service within at least two different community activities- these hours cannot be counted as part of the student’s SAE