Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Materials

The foundation of all successful agricultural education programs is having curriculum that is rigorous and relevant. Resources are available for teachers to access to help them enhance their students’ classroom experience.

Kentucky Agricultural Education Programs of Studies – A comprehensive listing of the career pathways and Course Documents highlighting all courses recognized in agricultural education.

Kentucky Agricultural Education Sample Career Pathways – These sample pathways are a guide to helping teachers develop pathways that allow students to complete a sequence of courses as directed from Federal Perkins legislation. Note these are only samples, and are not to be considered a required list of courses a program must offer for the pathway.

NAAE Communities of Practice – A site where agriculture teachers from across the country can share resources related to curriculum, classroom management, FFA, and more. The Kentucky Association of Agriculture Educators also has a page within this site. Click here to access the KAAE page directly.

Work-Based Learning Manual – This manual contains information relating to the various types of work-based learning a student can engage in via their CTE programs.

Agricultural Experience Tracker is an online record book system that allows students and teachers to maintain and review records related to the Supervised Agricultural Experience Projects.

The Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) is a dynamic curriculum that incorporated high science content in an inquiry-based pedagogy. This intensive approach is reshaping the way content is delivered in agriculture classrooms across the country.

The Ag Career Network is a system that allows students to learn about careers within agriculture, track their experiences, research college options, take interest inventories, and apply for FFA awards. This system is managed by the National FFA Organization. Records kept with AET can be easily transferred to this Ag Career Network.

Sample Curriculum Alignment Documents – Designed to help teachers understand methods for curriculum alignment, there are two examples within agricultural education (Animal Systems and Horticulture).

FFALearn – Multiple resources compiled by the National FFA Organization dealing with various topics in agricultural education.

Common Career Technical Core – These national standards outline broad statements of what is expected to be covered within CTE pathways.

KDE Common Core Information

Agriculture Tax Center

Georgia Ag-Ed Website – Georgia has gathered multiple Ag-Ed resources on their site. Note that any state standard alignment is for Georgia, not Kentucky.

The Technical Education Database System (TEDS) is the official repository for CTE student data.

Framework for 21st Century Learning

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (known as Perkins) is a program that provides funding to CTE programs. Annual reporting is required for states to continue to receive funding.